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The Power of Teamwork

Experience and Innovation

We are a team built to serve. We have extensive experience in financial services, across the banking, investments and insurance sectors of our industry. While experience is a strength, we don’t rest on past accomplishments. cSquared Wealth continues to evolve, meeting new challenges with innovative solutions. After all, our clients depend on us to provide clarity when faced with complexity.

Personal Relationship

Our clients don’t have Client Numbers. Your accounts have Numbers and you have a Name.

When you call, you won’t need to navigate a multi-level automated menu to get an answer or make a request. Our clients rely on us to make their financial lives easier to navigate, and we work hard to ensure that it is.

High Quality Service

To ensure that you receive the highest quality, individual service, we employ a team of service professionals to compliment the professional service you receive from your Advisor. Charles spends much of his day in meetings, performing analysis or conducting research. While he enjoys these varied activities, we want to make sure that you receive prompt attention. Cathy Chadwick, our Director of Client Relations, is our first point of contact and ensures that each request or question is given timely attention by the appropriate professional.