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Guiding Principles


It should go without saying, but we want to emphasize: to serve clients in wealth management, we must earn your trust. We can earn your trust only by being honest. From how we are compensated to the state of our investment recommendations we strive to be transparent at all times.


We’ve all had to wait on eternal hold just to make a simple change with a service provider. The cSquared Team wants to be on the opposite end of that spectrum. We endeavor to be easy to reach so our clients can tap us in and get back to your day.


Great advice requires care and persistence to find the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand. We are dedicated to giving each problem the time necessary to determine the right path forward.


Balance is crucial to the successful navigation of today’s financial landscape. We work with each client to exploit opportunities while mitigating loss; generate income while minimizing taxes; and focus on enjoying life today while preparing for tomorrow. Our team is ready to help you successfully manage all of life’s financial trade-offs.